Got Talent? Audition!!! 

Do you act, sing, or quote poetry? An audition for the upcoming TJ Lowe Production for The Modern Day Esther will be held! Men and women may apply (beginning at the age of 18). For more information, please contact LUJCM ministries at 501-618-1216.   

Location: Oley E Rooker Library, #11 Otter Creek, CT. Little Rock, AR. 

Date: Saturday, Feb.24th, 2024

Time: 9:45 am to 11:45 am   







Statement of Faith

We believe in the verbal inspiration and infallibility of the whole Bible as written and that the Bible is the all sufficient rule of faith and practice and is the final authority in a Believer's life.

We believe in the personal triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit equal in divine perfection in the Genesis account of creation.

We believe in the virgin birth and sinless humanity of Jesus Christ, in the Deity of Jesus Christ and that the Holy Spirit is the divine inspiration for Jesus Christ as Jesus leads the church.

We believe that man was created in the image of God and lived an innocent life until he voluntarily transgressed from his sinless state, as a result that all mankind are born into sin.

We believe that Jesus suffered and died for the sins of mankind, and that salvation is available to all that believe in the bodily resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ and the bodily resurrection of all saints.

We believe in the personal bodily return of Jesus as the crowning event of this age, resurrection of the righteous and eternal life with Jesus Christ for all saints.

We believe in the eternal punishment in the lake of fire (Hell) for the unrighteous.  All who trusts Jesus Christ for salvation are eternally secure in Him and shall not perish.

We believe that God deals with believers as His dear children, and He chastises the disobedient and He rewards the obedient.

We believe in the five-fold ministry as stated in the Bible.That the Lord has poured out His spirit upon all flesh and He uses men and women in the work of the ministry as prophesied in the Bible.