Got Talent? Audition!!! 

Do you act, sing, or quote poetry? An audition for the upcoming TJ Lowe Production for The Modern Day Esther will be held! Men and women may apply (beginning at the age of 18). For more information, please contact LUJCM ministries at 501-618-1216.   

Location: Oley E Rooker Library, #11 Otter Creek, CT. Little Rock, AR. 

Date: Saturday, Feb.24th, 2024

Time: 9:45 am to 11:45 am   







Mission, Vision & Future Goals


Lifting Up Jesus Christ Ministries (LUJCM)  mission is to advance the kingdom of God by bringing salvation to the lost, maturing the body of Christ, and challenging today's youth and adults to be followers of Jesus Christ by dramatic presentations and the preached word.  LUJCM mission directs our strategic planning and our views.



To challenge today's youth and adults to be strong followers of Jesus Christ.


Future Operational Goals 

  • Secure a 500 seat theater where dramatic productions will be performed.  The primary purpose of this theater is to be a haven for children that may be going through challenging situations in their homes and school; it will also be for children that are not going through difficult situations.  There will be a Theatrical School of Arts (TSOA) and Character Development Center (CDC) located in the facility. 

  • The ministry will create jobs for people in the community, and be an avenue for unknown and known individuals to display their talents.
  • Travel throughout the United States performing dramatic productions that will bring joy, laughter, encouragement, and hope to all that attend.
  • LUJCM will write and produce movies and sitcom that will provide wholesome and lively entertainment for the big screen and national television.