Got Talent? Audition!!! 

Do you act, sing, or quote poetry? An audition for the upcoming TJ Lowe Production for The Modern Day Esther will be held! Men and women may apply (beginning at the age of 18). For more information, please contact LUJCM ministries at 501-618-1216.   

Location: Oley E Rooker Library, #11 Otter Creek, CT. Little Rock, AR. 

Date: Saturday, Feb.24th, 2024

Time: 9:45 am to 11:45 am   







Photo Gallery

Please click on the link in the middle of each picture to open the album, once the album is open please click on magnify symbol to enlarge the picture.

The pictures were placed in the albums in a way that would tell the story of the stage play from the beginning to the end.   However, due to a technical glitch in the system, several pictures in each album are not in order.  We pray that the glitch will be fixed, but in the meantime enjoy the albums.